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Young Amputee Gets Two 3D-Printed Arms From The Kindness Of His Community

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A three-year-old Shawnee boy who learned to ride a bike with a 3D-printed prosthetic arm received a new limb just in time for the holidays.

Hudson Borton is an active young boy who was struggling to learn how to ride his tricycle. He was born with symbrachydactyly, a condition characterized by limb anomalies, and does not have left arm from the elbow down.

"We put him on a couple of times," Hudson's father, Nick Borton told KCTV. "We had him try it out and he just didn’t really understand and couldn’t figure out how to ride it."

Hudson received a custom-made artificial limb by a student and two instructors at the Metropolitan Community College (MMC) in Kansas City. The new arm is able to latch itself onto the bike's handle, giving him easy control of the bike's movements.

"You have a top and a bottom that hold onto the grip and then the third part is a ball joint," Nick said.  

The 3D-printed arm has a replaceable part, which will be able to switched out as Hudson grows. It only took the team less than two days to design and print the arm.

"I was so full of joy because I was so happy I could help out someone in the real world," student David Valdez said.

"It was a very fulfilling thing for me watching, watching their reactions knowing we just changed Hudson's bike riding, his life, pretty much," Mike Cline, the programming engineer at MCC, added.

However, this wouldn't be the only time the community would come together to help Hudson.

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