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Her Story Inspired A Young Boy So Much That Her Owners Arranged A Meeting, And Now We're All Crying

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Robert Fugate

The best of friends can be made in the worst of situations, and sometimes there is a greater purpose at work than we can know.

That seems to be the case with these two adorable buddies, who are finding ways to have fun even after terrible tragedies.

Owen Mahan is a young boy from Indiana, who unfortunately lost his both of his legs after a tragic accident when he was only two-years-old. He fell into a hot water bath and suffered burns on 98% of his body. At the time, doctors did not expect him to live.

Luckily for him, he was soon after adopted by his new mother, and she has done everything to make his life happy.

Now ten, he had been through many surgeries over the years, and recently had both of his legs amputated. It has been hard for Owen, but one thing that got him through the pain were videos of a dog found in a trash bin, rescued, and then needed all four legs to be amputated.

The dog, whose name is Chi Chi, was a source of inspiration to Owen, and when the owners found out about Chi Chi's biggest fan, they decided to act.

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