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An easy way that will keep your veggies fresher for longer

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Most of us end up wasting hundreds of dollars in produce each year simply because we couldn't use it fast enough. We buy fresh greens with the best of intentions, but life has a way of throwing us curve balls. We get busy, lazy, tired - you name it; there are a lot of enemies when it comes to sticking to a meal plan.

These tricks will help you increase the shelf life, or fridge life rather, of your produce, and they all have one specific thing in common that you definitely already have in your kitchen.

1. Cucumbers

Delicious cucumbers are great to keep in your fridge, especially during the summer, but they aren't so great when they get all mushy and soupy. There's a surefire trick to keep your cucumbers crispy, and it all starts with paper towel. Here's what you do:

Cooktop Cove

Cut your cucumbers into about quarter-inch slices and put them in a sealable tupperware container. Place a piece of paper towel on top and then close up the container. Store them upside down so that the moisture will settle into the paper towel. This will add weeks to the life of your cucumbers.

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