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A Former Neo-Nazi Is Getting Rid Of His Swastika Because Of An Unlikely Friendship

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Micheal Kent has taken a major step forward in his life. A few days ago the former neo-Nazi walked into a Colorado Springs tattoo parlor to have a massive swastika tattoo in the center of his chest covered up.

Tattoos are meant to make a statement, and those statements are unique to the individual who has the ink in their skin. Sometimes these messages are confusing or convoluted, but there isn't anything confusing about a swastika. It is a symbol of pure hate and bigotry, tied to one of the darkest periods in recorded human history.

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Kent who is a self-admitted former member of a violent neo-Nazi group has completely changed the tone of his life, with help from the most unlikely of sources.

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When Michael Kent was released from prison he was assigned a parole officer. His parole officer turned out to be Tiffany Whittier, an African-American. Imagine that for a second, "a black woman walked into the life of a neo-Nazi man and starts telling him what to do. How do you think Mr. Kent reacted?" expect Mr. Kent to have reacted? Surprisingly it was exceedingly effective.

She convinced him to take down his Nazi flags and to inject some positive influence into his life. "If it wasn’t for her I would have seeped back into it,” said Kent. “I look at her as family.”

This just goes to prove that hate is something that is learned, and if it is learned, it can be forgotten.

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You would assume that Whittier might hold some instant anger and resentment towards her parolee when she first met him, but she didn't. “I’m not here to judge him. That’s not my job to judge. My job is to be that positive person in someone’s life,” Whittier said.

Kent has a new lease on life, and a new outlook. He currently works on a chicken farm in Colorado where all of his co-workers are Hispanic, he is the only white person working there, and he loves it. He loves the people he works with and holds no hate in his heart anymore.  

Take a look at what past and present can look like.

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