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Angry Dad's Text Goes Viral After Getting Fed Up With People Shunning His Autistic Son

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Ask any parent and they will tell you that while the experience of raising a child is rewarding, it is by no means easy. After all, the saying goes "It takes a village to raise a child."

However, not every family is lucky enough to have a solid support system. Just ask blogger Christine Stephenson and her husband, Shane.

The Life of Reilly

The Stephensons are parents to 6-year-old Reilly, who has been diagnosed with autism. Reilly is "pretty much nonverbal," which presents a challenge when it comes to socializing with other kids. Christine and Shane have gotten used to their son being treated like an outcast, but never did they imagine that their own friends would treat him the same way.

After several instances where Reilly was left out of invites to birthday parties and other social events, a heartbroken and angry Shane decided to send a text to his "so called friends" to call them out on their actions.

The strongly-worded message was shared on Twitter by Christine, and it wasn't long before it went viral, garnering responses from users all over the world.

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