Angry Pedestrian Gets A Big Dose Of Karma

There's nothing better than seeing justice be served. Sometimes that's a bad guy getting what's coming to him, and sometimes it's a jerk falling on his face. Karma works in mysterious ways, but when we see it done it feels so good!

If you like that then you'll love this video recording from a dashcam. A car approaches a red light, and, for some reason, seems to tick off a man walking his dog. The man starts gesturing angrily pointing to the ground and staring at the driver.


The man keeps walking while he gestures, which is something he's about to regret.

You can almost here the "Boing" as he walks directly into the traffic light. Even his dog seems embarrassed as it hurries along.

Perhaps attempting to save face, the man approaches the car and shakes his fist, before slinking away to hide is shame.

Whenever we do something embarrassing we always look around to see if anyone saw, this man knows there was at least 1 witness to his embarrassing collision, but I wonder how he would feel if he knew this video has been viewed over 6 million times on YouTube.

We'll probably never know, but you can watch the full clip here:

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