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Animal Control Workers Had To Act Fast When They Found This Dog In a Dangerous Situation

After a stray dog was seen wandering the streets of this Texas town, animal control was forced to step in.

Animal Control workers responded to a call in the Forth Worth neighborhood after concerns about seeing the terrified canine in distress.

In the dramatic video, you can see rescue workers sneak up behind the dog and pinning him to the ground while a control noose was put around his neck.

Once the noose was in place, the workers were able to pull the obstruction away.

A plastic jar that was estimated to have been stuck on the dog's head for 3 days, was removed with a few good tugs.

The jar was the kind that used to hold cheese balls, so the dog had probably gotten stuck while licking up the remains of the snack.

The dog was extremely dehydrated, and had a few lesions but was otherwise in good condition.

He is now at a shelter healing but will soon be on his way to finding his forever home.

"Pickle still needs some time to heal and gain back his confidence, but after that, he will be more than ready to find his loving forever home."