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10 Animals Who Have More Money Than You Will Ever See In Your Lifetime

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Forbes should seriously consider adding animals to their millionaires list, because there's quite a few that have earned or inherited the big bucks and deserve some recognition.

These 10 animals have so much money, they literally don't know what to do with it.

1. Gunther IV

It's nice to sound like you're from royalty, but it's best when you fit the part. Gunther III inherited an estimated $372 million from his owner, the German Countess Karlotta Lieberstein. Gunther IV now owns a villa in the Bahamas, a mansion in Miami (the one Madonna used to live in), and he eats caviar and steak.

This is probably the first time you envied a dog's life.

2. Conchita

Conchita the Chihuahua, also known as the "most pampered dog in the world," had a $3 million trust fund. She wore pearls, designer clothes, had designer handbags, and slept in a custom-made pink racing car bed.

3. Elephants

They aren't pets nor are most of them worth millions, but being worth around $1 to $2 million is not bad...at all. Also, if they bring in a lot of tourism that ups their value.

4. Choupette

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfield loves his cat A LOT. I mean, you have to love someone to give them two maids, publish a book about them, and pay millions of dollars in modeling fees so that he or she can live a lavish life. Oh, and Choupette has a net worth of $97 million.

5. Grumpy Cat

If you've spent some time looking at cats on the internet, you've definitely come across Grumpy Cat. He has more than two million followers on Instagram, has a Christmas movie, has his own coffee brand. I mean, this cat is more famous than we'll ever be! We're not sure how much he's worth, but he can't be less than a multi-millionaire.

Keep going, these next animals are probably worth more than all your family members's income combined.

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