Anthony Bourdain's "Strong" 11-Year-Old Daughter Delivers Performance After His Death

In a span of a couple of days, the world lost two icons to suicide - fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain.  

Both Spade and Bourdain left behind their partners as well as young daughters.

While Spade's daughter, 13-year-old Frances Beatrix, has not been spotted since her mother's sudden passing, Bourdain's 11-year-old daughter Ariane, has bravely stepped back into the spotlight.

Anthony Bourdain/Instagram

Ariane, whose mother is Bourdain's ex-wife Ottavia Busia, is an aspiring musician and she took to the stage to perform just days after her father's death.

Busia shared a photo of the young girl holding a microphone at DROM, a music venue in New York City.

"Our little girl had her concert today. She was amazing. So strong and brave. She wore the boots you bought her," Busia captioned the Instagram post, drawing attention to the pair of studded black boots she was wearing. "I hope you are having a good trip, wherever you are."

Bourdain had an incredibly close and special relationship with Ariane, and he always made a point to bring it up to people around him, in his books, and during interviews.

"Fatherhood has been an enormous relief, as I am now genetically, instinctually compelled to care more about someone other than myself," he wrote in his book Appetites: A Cookbook. "I like being a father. No, I love being a father. Everything about it."

Bourdain did hang on as long as he could for his daughter, as one of his interviews with People revealed.

"I also do feel I have things to live for. There have been times, honestly, in my life that I figured, "˜I've had a good run "” why not just do this stupid thing, this selfish thing ... jump off a cliff into water of indeterminate depth.' [Before my daughter I would] "go to places where I was, frankly, asking for trouble. It was a daredevil move. In retrospect, I don't know that I would do that today "” now that I'm a dad or reasonably happy."

When his professional life started to get in the way of his relationship with his only child, Bourdain came up with a solution to spend more time with her.

Anthony Bourdain/Instagram

In his final interview with the publication, he explained that he always made sure he never shot episodes of his CNN series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown in two cities back-to-back so she could spend at least five days out of the month with Ariane, who lives in New York.

Although the food expert was dating Italian actress Asia Argento since 2017, he still had a close relationship with the mother of his child, who he was married to for nine years.

"My wife and I live, have lived, very separate lives for years," Bourdain said at the time. "There's no drama here. We get along really, really well and it's not a big lifestyle change happening here."


Aside from the Instagram post, Busia has not commented on Bourdain's death.

His mother was the first family member to release a statement in the hours after the tragic news. She told the New York Times that she had no  idea her son was contemplating suicide.

"He is absolutely the last person in the world I would have ever dreamed would do something like this," she told the publication.

She's certainly not the only one who has been taken aback by Bourdain's death. His fans, fellow celebrities and friends are all mourning the loss.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), text "help" to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741 or go to suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

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