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New Photographic Evidence Proves That The Moon Landing Was A Hoax, According To Some

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The amount of conspiracy theories surrounding the Apollo moon landing in 1969 will blow your mind.

Some people think the Nazis survived and fled to the moon, and others believe we're being run by intelligent reptiles.

But the real question is, was American astronaut Neil Armstrong the first man to step off Apollo 11 and step on the moon?

Did that "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" actually happen?

There's still a number of people who will sneer in your face if you believe two men landed on Earth's satellite.

The waving flag, multiple light sources, and the lack of stars are just some of the few "proofs" conspiracy theorists cling to.

Once again this idea is on people's mind after a new "picture" posted on YouTube has gone viral.

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