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Arby's Has a New Shake, Get It Before It Goes Back To The Jungle


Just when you thought the drink fads have faded, Arby's comes out with one that you will want to get your hands on. No it's not colorful like Starbucks' Unicorn or Mermaid Frappuccinos, but it is definitely something fierce!

The all-new striped milkshake is called the Liger and it's here for a limited time!

"Arby’s loves unusual creatures too – but not the imaginary or docile kind. No, Arby’s loves real, powerful creatures," a spokesperson for Arby's told Thrillist.

For those who haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite, a liger is a hybrid breed between a male lion and a female tiger.

See what is in this striped masterpiece and when you can get it on the next page.

Giving a nod to the mythical food craze, the Liger holds back on the rainbow sprinkles and glitter.

Much like it's name, this drink is a hybrid of 2 Arby's flavors. Orange Cream and Ultimate Chocolate unite to make a tiger-like swirled striped drink.

After trying this unique drink, the reviews from Thrillist are encouraging! The combination of chocolate and orange work well together and it has the ideal ratio of sweetness to creaminess.

Liger Shake

Arby's new Liger Shake is out to troll unicorn drinks:

Posted by Thrillist on jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

"The combination of the fruity orange and the rich chocolate was unexpected but totally delicious,' she said. 'Though I was expecting to just try a few sips, I drank the entire thing without realizing it. If that's not a good sign, I don't know what is," reports Daily Mail.

You can order this new creation in a 16-ounce or 24-ounce cup at Arby's locations nationwide until the end of June.