13 Iconic Archie Comics Covers That Prove Why It's Stood The Test Of Time

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However, not all of its content could be loved by everyone.

Stories that thrived decades ago may not be able to capture the attention of audiences today.

Archie was living the life, or the dream life, of every American teenage boy.

Some things still ring true today.

It was always nice when the fantastical made its way into the series.

This issue makes it obvious why men loved the series more than women.

It was nice when Archie mentioned pop culture, especially famous and beloved people like John Lennon.

Archie #666 appeared in 2015 and marked the final issue for the comic series, which also celebrated its long-standing history.

Life with Archie #36 came out in 2014, which was probably the most controversial issue of the comic series.

Archie had a huge American fanbase from the beginning, and their decision to kill off one of the most loved comic book characters was a terrible idea. Not only was it described as the death of innocence, but it was almost like an end to some of our favorite childhood memories.

What did you love about the Archie comics?

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