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You Probably Aren't Drinking Enough Water, And This Is Why You Should Be


It's the source of life. Humans are approximately 75% water, and we need to drink it constantly or else we risk many negative side effects, up to and including death within a few days.

Many people think water is something they can get from other sources like juice, tea, or soda. Unfortunately, while these do have varying levels of water, it is just not the same as having the pure H2O!

Here are just a few of the reasons you should start carrying a water bottle around with you wherever you go!


Feeling sluggish? Always tired? Maybe you just aren't staying properly hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day allows your body to function properly in everything from muscle movement to organ activity.

Your brain is mostly water content and it also needs to remain saturated in order to stay clear and in focus!

Weight Loss

That's right, just drinking water is enough to begin shedding those extra few pounds. Water helps remove the by-products of fat, makes you feel fuller and reduces hunger, and boosts your metabolism so your body works better!

By replacing unhealthy drinks with water, you're already making healthy choices!

All In Your Head

As we mentioned earlier, keeping hydrated helps your brain think more clearly, but it also acts as a natural headache remedy.

Since a lot of your emotions are tied to your mental state, increasing the amount of water you drink will lead to you feeling better more often! Just think how good you feel when your body is working the way it should be!

Look Great

A healthy and hydrated person will have amazing skin because of what they allow into their body.

Water flushes the toxins out of your body via sweat and other secretions, and acts as a natural moisturizer. This keeps your skin looking clear, soft, and youthful. In fact, it even prevents wrinkles from forming!

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