Are You Old Enough To Remember What These Are Called?

We've shared lots of tricky pictures before, asking you to remember what an antique was called, or to tell us what something obscure was used for. This is another one of those challenges, but it's a little tougher than the rest.

These may look like regular figurines, but there's something special about them. Here's a hint: you'll probably remember these if you grew up with a very small TV.

Got an idea yet, or are you ready to give up? Here's one more hint: whoever invented these had a pretty bright idea!

So do you recognize them? These figurines are actually TV lamps.

When televisions were smaller and dimmer, watching them in the dark could seriously strain your eyes. The TV lamp was designed to sit on top of your set and provide some ambient light throughout your living room.

The light bulb was always hidden on the back of the lamp, so it wouldn't shine in your eyes or on the screen. Plus, lots of designs featured cool glowing eyes or other details.

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Unfortunately, these very clever little pieces of furniture went out of style in the '70s and '80s.

If you didn't grow up with one of these it's hard to even guess what they're for. After all, you can't put anything on our modern, skinny TVs.

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