Are You Wearing Your Undies Wrong? Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

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Are You Wearing Your Undies Wrong? Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs difficult can it be?

It's just a simple undergarment that we wear everyday. Nothing too fancy about that, right?


Women across the country are making underwear mistakes daily that we all need to change immediately.

These mistakes can cause health problems down there that no one really wants to deal with.

See if you're guilty of any of these underwear mistakes.

1. It's too tight

Wearing underwear that's too tight can not only cause chaffing, but it can also cause vaginal irritation. This is especially relevant for women who are menopausal.


2. Spanx (or any other type of shapewear)

Sure, it's great for that special night out to smooth everything under your dress. However, wearing any type of lower body shapewear can cause "nerve impingement and decreased circulation." It's also really hard to get off when you need to pee, so women tend to hold it longer which is also not good for your health.


3. Synthetic fabrics and silk

Cotton is your best option for underwear, because it's very breathable. Silk and synthetic undergarments increase your risk of trapped moisture, which in turn can cause yeast or bacterial infections.


4. Thongs

Thongs are just a way to make vaginal and yeast infections more common. Plus, because of how they fit, thongs can easily transport E.coli from...the back to the front. It can also be more irritating to your vaginal area.


5. Undies at night

Sleeping commando gives your body a chance to breathe and air out. This is especially true for women going through menopause. When those night sweats come and go, you don't want to be left in damp, wet underwear.


6. Going commando during the day

Breathing is good, yes. But not wearing any undies under your clothes is actually not good. If you're wearing pants, the material rubs right against your vaginal area, which causes irritation. In a dress, there's nothing to absorb moisture which can also irritate your skin because you start to sweat more. Just...wear some underwear, okay?


7. Workout Undies

Some people hit the gym before work and do a quick change of clothes before running to the office. But not changing your underwear after a workout is the same as sending a hand-written invitation to a yeast infection. The warm, moist environment is a breeding ground for yeast to grow, so it's for the best that you just take the time and change.


8. Scented detergent

Perfumes in detergents can cause contact dermatitis, which is extremely irritating in your vaginal area. Using hypoallergenic detergent to clean your undergarments is generally suggested.

Are you guilty of any of these underwear no-nos? Tell us in the comments!

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