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Army Wife Includes Deployed Husband In Christmas Card In Best Possible Way

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Military families live the most difficult lives. On top of all the stress of everyday life, they're also forced to live with constant worry as their loved ones are deployed. Their struggle is especially hard around Christmas, when all you want to do is spend time with your family.

For Andrea Smith, she knew her husband, Staff Sgt. Andrew Smith, wouldn't be home for the holidays, but that doesn't make it any easier. Andrea and the couple's three-year-old daughter, Charlotte, would be home by themselves this year.

“Not having him home with us in general is hard, but around the holidays I find myself missing him so much more,” she told PEOPLE.

For their Christmas this year, the Smiths had two options: they could either not send one out, or they could have one with Andrew missing. But Andrea didn't like either of those options, so she came up with a third.

“We decided to come up with something that not only brings some holiday cheer to those going through a similar situation as us,” Andrea said. “But also to share the awareness that there are still so many military families missing their loved ones during this holiday season. I just wanted to let them know they aren’t going through this alone.”


Andrea enlisted the help of one of her friends to create a Christmas card that would bring the whole family together, even though they were oceans apart.

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