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Artist Claims He's Being Haunted By A Child's Ghost, And He Has Proof

Via Twitter: Adam Ellis / Verified account / @moby_dickhead

It may be fun to tell ghost stories, but Adam Ellis is learning the hard way that it's not so fun to live through one.    

Adam is a cartoonist who manages to capture the funny side of everyday life, but he's been sharing a real life horror story with his followers on Twitter. It started about a month ago with Adam's very spooky confession: "So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he's trying to kill me."

The child in question is "Dear David," a misshapen ghost in a green rocking chair who Adam claims to see in his dreams. Adam suffers from sleep paralysis, a condition that often makes people see moving shadows or apparitions while lying in bed. He claimed to see David approaching him during these episodes, and even sketched the ghost.

Adam learned the ghost's name during another one of his dreams. This time he found himself in a library with a little girl, who explained Dear David's special rules. Supposedly, the ghost will answer 2 questions, but kills anyone who asks a third.

The next time Adam saw David in a dream he asked "Dear David, how did you die?" and the ghost told him it was an accident in a store. The next question revealed a shelf was pushed on David's head. But when Adam asked "who pushed the shelf?" he realized his mistake right away.

And ever since, strange things have been happening in David's apartment.

This all sounds a little silly, and even Adam was skeptical at first, but strange things have been happening since he had that dream.

Adam moved into an apartment upstairs soon after, and for a while that seemed to stop Dear David, because Adam didn't have any more dreams. But soon after, his cats started staring at his apartment door. To make things creepier, the animals only start staring after midnight.

Convinced they were seeing or sensing something he couldn't, Adam looked through the peephole one night and saw a shadow moving in the hallway. The cartoonist went back with his phone camera the next night and captured this picture through the hole:

Do you see? Adam is convinced something is hiding behind the Bannister. Here's what the hallways looks like for comparison:

Adam continued the investigation and captured some very spooky evidence that David was haunting him. He filmed his cats meowing at the "ghost."

Then he used a automatic microphone to capture strange noises during the night. Along with a strange, electric static sound, the microphone picked up this noise, which sounds like someone stepping in Adam's apartment at 3am. The cartoonist claims he was alone, and no one was walking around at that time.

Adam finally decided enough was enough and tried to banish Dear David for good, but that only made things worse...

Scared to death and at wit's end with all of the spooky happenings, Adam ordered some sage, which is supposed to purify a home and protect it from spirits if it's burned inside.

But Adam's haunting only got worse afterwards. In fact his strange dreams only became more intense. First, Adam dreamed about meeting Dear David in a warehouse, where the small child pulled him through the building by his arm. When he woke up the next day he saw this:

A bruise had appeared in exactly the place where David pulled his arm. All of this was starting to make Adam feel like he was "losing his mind," but then the dreams started becoming real. One day a warehouse that had been a garage near Adam's house was suddenly empty, so he looked inside.

That's right, a green chair was sitting in the empty building. This was enough to remind Adam of Dear David's green rocking chair, and he left after taking the picture. As if things weren't bad enough, Adam started receiving strange calls.

While he answered a few of the calls, the only noise he would hear from the other end was static. Until a quiet, small voice said "Hello" and scared Adam so badly he hung up.

Finally, Adam bought a green rocking chair and installed a motion-detecting camera in his room. Watch what happened while he was at work:

While he's searched through news websites and online records, Adam can't find records of a boy named David's death in an accident, or any boys with similar names.

He continues to investigate the haunting and share new evidence online, but we say it's time to leave Dear David alone and hope he does the same!


Was it real? Look below to see what Adam has to say about the whole thing. In the meantime, you can read the whole story in one sitting through this tweet!

Adam Ellis, who is now a former BuzzFeed writer scored a movie deal for his viral social media ghost story and has answered everyone's most pressing question: Is it real?

"I've never been interested in convincing anyone that ghosts are real "” I just wanted to tell my story," Ellis told TheWrap. "If it was all fiction, I probably would've updated more than once every couple weeks."

TheWrap exclusively reported that "Dear David" is heading to the big screen. BuzzFeed Studios is partnering on the film with "It" producer Dan Lin.

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