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Artist Claims He's Being Haunted By A Child's Ghost, And He Has Proof

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It may be fun to tell ghost stories, but Adam Ellis is learning the hard way that it's not so fun to live through one.  

Adam is a cartoonist who manages to capture the funny side of everyday life, but he's been sharing a real life horror story with his followers on Twitter. It started about a month ago with Adam's very spooky confession: "So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he's trying to kill me."

The child in question is "Dear David," a misshapen ghost in a green rocking chair who Adam claims to see in his dreams. Adam suffers from sleep paralysis, a condition that often makes people see moving shadows or apparitions while lying in bed. He claimed to see David approaching him during these episodes, and even sketched the ghost.

Adam learned the ghost's name during another one of his dreams. This time he found himself in a library with a little girl, who explained Dear David's special rules. Supposedly, the ghost will answer 2 questions, but kills anyone who asks a third.

The next time Adam saw David in a dream he asked "Dear David, how did you die?" and the ghost told him it was an accident in a store. The next question revealed a shelf was pushed on David's head. But when Adam asked "who pushed the shelf?" he realized his mistake right away.

And ever since, strange things have been happening in David's apartment.

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