Artist Is Making Us See The World In A Hilarious New Way

Some eye-catching work by street artist Vany Krastev is giving every day objects a new face.

'Eyebombing' has become a new trend that is spreading through Eastern Europe faster than we can Instagram the clever creations.

The point is to turn everyday items into fun googly cartoon characters.

No longer are those comical eyes we use for kids crafts just reserved for pre-schoolers, they are a fun source of hilarity that we just can't get enough of!

From trash cans, to lamp posts, street signs and drain pipes, this artist has transformed dull items in our surroundings into hilarious goofy objects.

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The art of 'eyebombing' can really bring out your creative side with just 2 simple googly eyes. It brings forward a face that you didn't know was there and could bring a chuckle to someone who is having a bad day.

You can do it with any objects in your home too, like a bedside lamp or hand-railing.

Imagine the surprise on your family's face when they see your creation that they weren't expecting.

Broken objects make for the best faces, because of their crazy expressions!

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