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Artist's Bite-Sized Meals Look Good Enough To Eat (Photos)


If you're in the mood for a (very) light snack the next time you're in Singapore, Jocelyn Teo has just the thing.

Teo's tiny doughnut, with a regular one for scale.AiClay / Instagram

The artist makes tiny meals by hand, and specializes in pieces with gorgeous, intricate details - like chocolates that fit into a tiny box. There's just one downside: her work is made out of clay, so they're not actually edible, which is a shame. But if you'd like to build your own tiny dishes, Teo sells do-it-yourself kits with all of her materials and tools.

Follow her on Instagram at AiClay to see more of her creations.

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Finally, here's a look at all the tools it takes to build Teo's mouthwatering creations (from her McDonald's set).

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