Mom Of Autistic Boy Brought To Tears By Parents Who Asked Her Son To Stay Away From His Only Friend

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Mom Of Autistic Boy Brought To Tears By Parents Who Asked Her Son To Stay Away From His Only Friend

Lacey Bradenburg's disabled son came home on January 3rd with a note, but when she started reading it she was nearly reduced to tears. He was given a note by unnamed parents who were offended by his behavior.  

Her 11-year-old son, Ashton, suffers from intellectual disabilities, autism, a cognitive disorder and ADHD. Bradenburg wanted others to see how her disabled son was treated so she shared the letter with her Facebook friends. It quickly gained momentum as others saw the hurtful things that this person had said.

The person took issues with the toys that Ashton played with and the cartoons that he watched. It said, "while he was over here on xmas (sic) break we noticed he was playing with toys that you would expect a younger child then himself to play with as well as the cartoons he asked to watch were that of a 3-5 year old."

Lacey Bradenburg

It goes on to say that this is a concern because "We want our child to play with toys and watch television for his age not younger or older than him."

This wasn't the only problem, the parent also presented another concern that targeted something directly related to his autism...

The letter continued by targeting something that is common in people with autism. "The hand flapping is a concern we don't want our son to learn to do that! (sic)"

The parent asked that the two boys no longer play together at school, because he acted too young for his age. They said "Ashton was watching bugs bunny, pokemon, and tom and jerry (sic), those are catoons of a younger child."

They acknowledge that Ashton has a disability, but they don't seem to care. "I know he has a disability but we feel his disability may hold our sons (sic) level of comperhansion (sic) life, his communication, socialization, and learning level may be at risk if playing and being around Ashton continues (sic)."


They even admit that while these things were an issue for them, behaviorally he "was very well behaved."

They finish off the letter by saying "Please keep your son away from ours so ours are not picking up the idea that playing with toys or watching cartoons younger than his age is OK."

Lacey Bradenburg

Brandenburg was completely blown away by the letter. She said that while she will not name names, she still can't wrap her head around what this person was thinking. She said "I'm sorry, I still don't understand but apparently this parent doesn't either."  

The most heartbreaking part of this is that Bradenburg said that "this is the one friend Ashton has at school, there aren't any others and it's because of the way parents teach their children and the way children treat someone who's a little different."

Luckily many other Facebook users have offered their support, and Ashton has managed to find some new friends. Can you believe that a parent thought they could say this about her son?