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At 80 Years Old, Her Makeup Transformation Is Jaw-Dropping

Unfortunately, many people see age as a defining factor for beauty. It's as though once you hit 50, people stop looking at you as something beautiful, and instead see you as something that "was".

For makeup artist Tea Flego, she wanted her Grandma Livia to feel that beauty again. Flego knew she wanted to be a makeup artist since she was a kid, and Grandma Livia was always supportive.

“My granny was always my model,” Flego said. “She always loved makeup, and it was not a problem for her.”

Flego decided to use her makeup talents on her 80-year-old grandma recently, and the pictures instantly went viral.

“She is the kind of grandma that was and is modern,” said Flego. “She likes to joke, she is really kind and friendly, and recognizes beautiful stuff."

Tea Flego used her expert contouring skills to completely transform Grandma Livia into a beauty queen!

“With a few skills and good contouring, you can make a miracle," says Flego.


"She is not ashamed of her wrinkles and age," says Flego. "But she says, ‘Why wouldn't I go to the nursing home ball with full makeup and look 30 years younger?’”

"Every time she looks at herself after makeup she says, 'Holy crap!'" says the proud granddaughter.

"She's become a mascot in the nursing home — her friends call her a star," Flego added.

It's amazing what a little bit of makeup can do for someone's confidence!

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