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Autistic Boy's Birthday Party Was Crashed By Pugs, And He Couldn't Have Been Happier About It

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People with autism often have things they really connect with. Whether it's a movie character, a color, or an animal, they have something that means the world to them.

For 14-year-old Andrew, that thing is pugs. Andrew didn't have a lot of friends growing up, so he created his own circle of imaginary companions...all of whom happened to be pugs! His family has always lived in places where animals aren't welcome, so Andrew's dream of having a pet pug hasn't happened.

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For his upcoming birthday, Andrew's sister McKenna wanted to make sure her brother had a party to remember.

“I was speaking to a neighbor a few weeks ago and the subject came up about my brother always getting excited when he bumps into her while she is walking her dog Ziggy,” McKenna said.  “At the time, I was thinking about what I should do for his birthday since it was two weeks away, and I thought, ‘I'm going to have a pug party!’ I was just planning on seeing if one of my friends had one and could show up to a little BBQ that my mom and I were going to have at the park on the day of his birthday.”

But it turned into something much bigger. McKenna made a Facebook event about Andrew's birthday party, hoping a couple people might show up. It was three days before his party and no one had RSVP'd and McKenna was getting worried. Then something amazing happened.

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