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Avalanche Of Meatballs Forces Highway To Close

We've all been there: you're cruising down the highway (maybe with the windows rolled down), taking in the scenery, blasting some of your favorite music, life is good. Then all of a sudden, WHAM, traffic slows down to a complete halt, nobody's moving, and it takes you an extra hour and a half to get to where you're going.


Typically, these massive slowdowns happen because of something blocking the highway, and it's almost always exactly what you'd expect. Usually it's a car accident, or in some really bad cases, something like a tanker truck or a logging vehicle has fallen and spilled their contents across the road. It's a pretty bad situation, one that often takes hours to clear up, and of course everyone gets VERY impatient.


Well, can you say you've ever had your commute delayed by a massive spill of meatballs? In a moment that can be described by IKEA shoppers as "the most Swedish moment ever," a truck upended across a road in Sweden, covering the area in meatballs and stalling traffic.

On November 15th, a transport truck driver was moving along the Skara-Lundsbrunn road in southwest Sweden, when he hit a patch of ice and ended up careening off the road. As if that wasn't enough, his precious cargo, a veritable mountain of meatballs (not of the spicy variety), spilled out across the road and ditch, creating a massive mess that shut down the entire road.


"The trailer was heavier than the lorry itself, and it is very slippery out there," police officer Tommy Emriksson told Swedish TV. The meatballs needed to be collected before any traffic could move through the area, meaning that it took hours to clear the road and allow other cars to move on through.

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Of course, when people got word of the accident on social media, they were all ready to help out, offering to lend their services in removing the meatballs via forks, knives, and lots of spaghetti (or lingonberry jam, if you want to eat the Swedish meatballs properly).


Authorities are warning other drivers to be careful on the roads.

What would you do if you found an avalanche of meatballs on the road?