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Avalanche Of Meatballs Forces Highway To Close

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We've all been there: you're cruising down the highway (maybe with the windows rolled down), taking in the scenery, blasting some of your favorite music, life is good. Then all of a sudden, WHAM, traffic slows down to a complete halt, nobody's moving, and it takes you an extra hour and a half to get to where you're going.


Typically, these massive slowdowns happen because of something blocking the highway, and it's almost always exactly what you'd expect. Usually it's a car accident, or in some really bad cases, something like a tanker truck or a logging vehicle has fallen and spilled their contents across the road. It's a pretty bad situation, one that often takes hours to clear up, and of course everyone gets VERY impatient.


Well, can you say you've ever had your commute delayed by a massive spill of meatballs? In a moment that can be described by IKEA shoppers as "the most Swedish moment ever," a truck upended across a road in Sweden, covering the area in meatballs and stalling traffic.

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