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Baby Aria Concentrates Hard On Grandma's Hands, Then 'Says' The Sweetest Thing

Everyone knows that there is a special bond between grandmothers and their grand babies. Those precious moments between generations don't last long, so whenever they get the chance, grandmas bask in the joyful times they get to spend with their grandchildren.

Grandmother, Pamela McMahon, 64, is utterly delighted by what nine-week-old Aria says to her during their precious conversation.

Little Aria is one of five grandchildren, all of whom are deaf. Aria's mother tells the Daily Mail that, until now, Aria has only watched sign language 'intently'. She has never made any of the gestures herself....

Aria was born Deaf, but she is learning sign language to communicate with her loving Grandma. A home video records the beautiful moment as Aria watches closely to what her grandmother does with her hands, then, in an instant, she speaks back: