Baby With Famous Hair Becomes Youngest Pantene Model


What were you doing when you were four months old? If you weren't a world famous Instagram model, then you have nothing on baby Chanco.

In 2017, Chanco made international news after her photo went viral. She was born with a full head of rich, black hair. Elvis would have been jealous of the mane this baby was sporting.

While it's not uncommon to see babies born with hair, the sheer amount was note-worthy. Chanco hasn't appeared to shed any of her locks either, in fact it's only gotten more impressive.


The babychanco Instragram page has almost 400,000 followers, all of them tuning in to see more of Chanco's hair games. The account, run by Chanco's mother, shows Chanco at play and doing other everyday things that are normal in Japan.

Recently, Chanco made the big jump from Instragram star to modeling with Pantene. The shampoo company made an adorable video with the young star. It chronicles Chanco's life and her popularity.

"The Hairy Tale" has been seen over 600,000 times and is picking up speed.

The ad is part of the #HairWeGo My Hair Moves Me Forward campaign. Baby Chanco takes center stage along side Japanese TV presenter Sato Kondo. The two show how hair evolves and stays beautiful as you age. Kondo has famously let her hair go naturally grey, despite a career in front of the camera.

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あたち。📰"¼ï¸Ž It's me!!! by Asahi Shimbun🗞💕 . #今朝の朝日新聞 #あたち発見🤣👏🦁 #コンビニまわって買い占め #朝から親バカ発揮 . @pantene_jp_official さんと birthday movieにつづき広告も!! 近藤サトさんと光栄すぎました😭💓 . #pantene#朝日新聞 #さあこの私で行こう #さあこの髪で行こう #HairWeGo #partnershipwithPANTENE #近藤サト#babychanco #thankyou

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While Chanco is naturally photogenic, she hasn't really started speaking yet. We can't wait to see more from her!

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