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Baby Elephant Got Stuck In A River, Then Something Incredible Happened

A wonderful video captured at the Barumun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary in Indonesia is going viral for the sweetest reason.  

One of the sanctuary's elephant calves, Lia, had a rough time when she got stuck in a river. Since she is still a baby, her limbs aren't long enough to help her get back on land.

Desperate to reunite with the rest of her family, she tried her best to get out of the river. However, after multiple close attempts and a few minutes of struggle, the calf appears to have given up. That's when the sweetest moment transpired.

Lia's aunt, Kery noticed her niece having a hard time and decided to take action. She devised a plan and successfully helped the baby out of the water.

Watch the sweet video below and get ready for all the feels!

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Baby Elephant is Lia, and helped by her aunt Kery. This video was shot at Barumun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary-Indonesia.

Posted by on Thursday, April 20, 2017

We may not see this type of supportive behavior on video often but it actually very common. Elephants are very compassionate and dedicated to their young. In fact, the entire herd plays a role in raising a calf, a phenomenon known as allomothering.

We can all learn a thing or two from Lia and Kery.

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