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"Cyclops" Goat Is Melting The Internet's Heart With His Ugly Face

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Malaysian Digest

A baby goat has stunned a Malaysian village after being born with only a single humongous eye.

The young animal, later named Tuah Jabang, was born on a remote farm this past Sunday to the amazement of everyone in the Sabah village.

According to the Daily Mirror, the animal, which is often referred to as a "kid," has already drawn an incredulous crowd.

Goat herder Awang Rosli Mat Tailb said he had heard strange noises the night prior to the kid's birth, but didn't expect to see its unusual appearance the next morning.

''When I was in the goat pen that night I realized that a goat was crying as it gave birth to a child. There didn't seem to be anything strange during the birth," Awang said.

''I checked early the next morning and was surprised to find that the baby only had one eye," he added.

He quickly took the newborn to the vets, but after an extensive check-up, they said Tuah Jabang was healthy.

While it may appear as an unheard of deformity, it's actually a result of a congenital disease called cyclopia. While it occurs in one in every 16,000 animals, they suffer from a significantly low survival rate.

This means Tuah Jabang must be treated with extraordinary care.

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