"Baby, It's Cold Outside" Breaks Into The Digital Top 10 For The First Time Ever


It proves that there's just no such thing as bad publicity, as being banned from radio stations became the best thing to ever happen to "Baby, It's Cold Outside".

In a year that was marked by protests, it seemed that the thing everyone was getting most up in arms about was a 70-year-old Christmas song. Seventy years for Christmas sake!

Many people have been complaining for years that the song promotes sexual aggression. A woman is trying to leave and a man isn't letting her. Well that's one interpretation.

When radio stations began banning the song to support the very justifiable MeToo movement, people began to lose their minds. Counter-protests and posts began showing up everywhere. It was like someone just poached an endangered animal, except that doesn't actually get a lot of attention.

One radio station played the song for two hours straight and people loved it.

With all the tongues wagging about how inappropriate, or how totally innocent, the song is, it's no wonder that millions more people were exposed to the classic.

Now, the song is reaping the rewards.

According to, for the first time in it's lengthy history, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is in the Top 10 digital sales for singles. The Dean Martin version is the lucky one to crack the prestigious spot.


Originally written in 1944, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" has been covered multiple times. The Dean Martin 1959 version seems to be the most iconic. It landed at #10 on the chart, up 70% from last week. Unsurprisingly the number one song is Mariah Carey beloved "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

Martin's version of the song also had a big boost in number of streams, up 35% to 11 million, and his 2006 duet of the song with Martina McBride was also streamed by millions.

All the numbers together make it seem like "Baby, It's Cold Outside" has an even bigger following now than it ever did.

Maybe more artists should try to get banned from radio.

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