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Baby Koala Poses For Adorable Photo Shoot Until A Friend Photobombs Her - And Makes It Even Better

Koalas are one of the cutest animals on the planet, don't you think?

A baby koala joey named Willow from the Symbio Wildlife Park was sitting in a tree while she was being filmed, when something unexpected happened. As Willow sniffed a nearby branch where a Monarch butterfly was perched, it began to fly...straight for the koala's nose!

Fortunately, a worker at the park captured the once-in-a-lifetime video of the koala and butterfly getting acquainted, and it's so sweet!


At first, Willow is confused because the butterfly's wings are blocking her vision. Instead of brushing the delicate creature off, the baby koala watches as the Monarch flaps its wings.

Watch the video below to see it all happen:

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