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The First Baby In The U.S. Has Been Born From A Uterus Transplant

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Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas

In an interview with All Things Considered host Kelly McEvers earlier this year, Testa discussed the ethical dilemmas pertaining to the procedure.

Testa said he doesn't expect the average person to understand the nuances behind a uterus transplant, especially since the operation has only been around for a few years.

"This is even more complicated because we are going into uncharted waters... I think that we go through years of studying to understand what we do, and to achieve mastering the things we do," Testa said. "And then we pretend that in ten minutes we can explain something to anybody... I don't think it's really possible."

Testa also said he and the rest of the doctors leave the decision up to the potential patients, as they have full autonomy to decide if the transplant surgery is right for them.

A costly procedure, Testa estimates a uterus transplant could cost anywhere from $200,000 to $250,000, but hopes the price tag doesn't deter women from considering this life-changing opportunity.

"People like me, or men in general, don't really talk about this, because we don't know any better, but one thing that we all learned is that we should never have underestimated the need, the will, the wish, of the woman to carry their own pregnancy," Testa told ABC News.

"It's been humbling and I have a better understanding, I hope about these things and I can really say today that this is a solution, this is something that has value for this woman, for all of us," he added.

What is your opinion on uterus transplants?

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