10 Secrets From Disneyland Workers The Park Doesn't Want You To Know

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For many children, and even some adults, visiting the magic kingdoms is a dream come true. Disneyland and Disney World are filled with your favorite animated characters from your childhood.

Whether you've been to the kingdoms or not, you've definitely heard of them. Here are some secrets you may have not known about these enchanting places.

Disney is a never-ending show that requires many of their employees to remain 'in character', so it would make sense that workers are referred to as "cast members".

Walt Disney did not like to be called Mr. Disney, so he made a rule that employee tags should display first names only.

Disney princesses must be between 5'4" and 5'8" tall.

Walt Disney hated when people pointed one finger to give directions, so now all cast members use two fingers or an open palm to help guide lost guests.

Disney doesn't allow cast members to have facial hair, wear nail polish, or have any visible tattoos.

Also no stylish eyeglasses.

Male cast members cannot have their hair fall past their ears or eyes.

Cast members have to learn how to write like their character. If there are two Mickey Mouses, they must write the same!

Anything you buy at a Disney store can be delivered to your hotel, resort, or to the front of the park before you leave the magic kingdom.

Cast members are forbidden to use social media during work hours and are not allowed to talk about their job online.

If a cast member is caught taking a selfie in his or her costume, they'll be fired immediately.

Disneyland guests who forget their belongings, and have not retrieved them for a some time, will have their possessions sold to cast members, and that money will be donated to charity.

Did you know there are many hidden Mickey Mouse heads in the park? How many have you found?

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