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Backstreet Boy Opens Up About His Son's Rare Illness And The Hardest Part Of Parenting A Sick Kid

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Brian Littrell is known as one of the members of one of the most successful boy band of all time. The Backstreet Boys have been around since the 90s, and haven't seemed to let up at all. They perform in countless concerts every year, and continue to make every 90s kid smile with their classic songs.

Even though they have been busy over the last 20 years, many of the band members have found time to have a family. Brian Littrell met model and actress Leighanne Wallace during the video shoot for "As Long As You Love Me" and they quickly fell in love. By 1999, they were engaged, and then in September 2000, they were married.

The two welcomed their son Baylee Thomas Wylee Littrell on November 26th, 2002. However, when his son turned six they found something that would connect the young boy to his dad in a surprising and unexpected way, a way no parent would want.

Brian Littrell was diagnosed with a heart murmur when he was born. It lead to several complications over his life, including an open heart surgery in 1998.

Brian's Condition

His heart murmur was incredibly dangerous. "I was born with what they call a VSD, which is a ventricular septal defect," Littrell explained. "It is known as a heart murmur. Fast forward in my life when I was five years old. I was in the hospital for two months, where I was clinically supposed to die. I had a zero percent chance of living. I had a bacterial infection called bacterial endocarditis. Again like I said a zero percent chance of living."

He managed to survive, but it wasn't the end of his troubles. "It is only by the grace of God that I am here today. We fast forward to when I was 18. I was a Backstreet Boy. I left home to pursue the entertainment world," Littrell said. "At 23 I had open heart surgery to repair my VSD. So as we talk about faith and as we talk about our journey in life being a heart patient, and being a man of faith and the church; it has always been my stronghold in life. It has always been my compass. God has walked with me every step of the way as a I am heart patient even today."


After managing to survive this traumatic event, Littrell was able to use his fame for good. He was able to found his own charity to help others suffering from similar issues called the Brian Littrell's "Healthy Heart Club" For Kids. It is  a non-profit organization that assists families who have children with heart conditions with their medical, financial, and practical help.

However, never in a million years did Littrell think that he would need to worry about his own child's heart, but unfortunately, that was the unique connection that he and his son shared...

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