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It's More Than A Bad Habit, Leaving Dishes In The Sink Can Actually be Dangerous

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Putting off washing your dishes for a day or two doesn't seem like it would be the worst thing in the world, right? The dishes pile up, but they'll be washed eventually...

You can't imagine anything in your home being dirtier than your toilet, but in fact there is. It's actually the place you think gets "cleaned" the most: your kitchen sink.

Health psychologists have spent years studying behavior in the kitchen, and they've noticed a dangerous trend that's putting the whole family at risk.

It's exhausting to even think about how many times your family has fought over who should wash the dishes, but this mundane task, which is put off more than it should be, is turning into a really bad habit that is risking the health of every member of your household.

The scary part is that bacteria will stay alive on clean surfaces for up to four days if you don't follow the "right" way to wash your dishes.

That's enough to get anyone to run to their kitchen to scrub their dishes, but before you do, keep reading to learn what's causing bacteria buildup in your kitchen sink and what you can do to avoid getting sick.

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