10 Movies That Almost Everyone Agrees Belong In A Garbage Can

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How would you grade the last movie that you saw in theaters? Well, CinemaScore has wanted to know for almost 40 years. They randomly select moviegoers from different cities and ask them to grade the movie they just saw on the big screen.

Just like when you were in school, the grades range from the dreaded F, all the way up to that ever elusive A+. Many of the movies that they grade end up in the A and B range, but that's because people who go see a new movie on opening night and far more likely to be a bigger fan of some aspect of the movie. They also speak to the movie's target audience. This explains how a cinematic "masterpiece" like Alvin and the Chipmunks scored an A, because of course kids loved it, they're singing chipmunks.

There have only ever been 19 movies to get the big red F stamped on them by their audiences, and here are ten of the worst of them.

1. Mother

With a cast of Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Dardem, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Ed Harris, you wouldn't think this movie would have scored itself an F. Audiences just didn't seem to enjoy this movie and they let the critics know. Although, Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie a 67% Fresh rating.


2.  The Wicker Man

This 2006 remake of the 70's cult-classic by the same name, is terrible. I have a soft spot for Nicholas Cage and I still thought this movie was one the biggest wastes of time I have ever put myself through. It received an F rating and for good reason. Don't even bother giving this flick a chance, terrible.

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3. The Box

I remember seeing previews for this movie and thinking to myself "that actually looks like it would be worth seeing in theaters." Wrong, and the rest of theater audiences agreed with me. Starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden, the story tried to make something out of nothing.


4. Feardotcom

Horror movies of the early 2000s were meant to be as gory as possible because people just didn't seem to scare as easily anymore. Feardotcom centered on a serial killer that runs a website that allows viewers to watch gruesome torture and murder. Critics and audiences happened to agree on this particular movie.  


What other movies are universally hated?

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