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Baileys Launched A Strawberry and Cream Liquor Just In Time For Valentine's Day

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Is Valentine's Day complete without a box of delicious chocolates and fine-tasting alcohol? I think not!

There are many ways you and your significant other can show your love with these essential romantic items. Some companies have just what you're looking for!

Baileys Irish Cream is already delicious as it is, but for a limited time only, they're adding the flavor of strawberry to their drink.

This isn't the first time the company has launched new and unusual flavors. They released a Pumpkin Spice flavor in the fall, and are also well-known for their Chocolate Luxe, Orange Truffle, and Coffee liquor.

The drink is available across the U.S. from February until April 2018. Their largest bottle is priced at approximately $25. You can find this strawberry and cream flavored-liquor available in both 750ml and 50ml bottles.

Here are some creative ways you can add more flavor to the most romantic day of the year with this delicious liquor:

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