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Take A Closer Look - Do You Think These People Are Real?

A talented artist from Austen, Texas has opened Sideserf Cake Studio, where she makes cakes that look like real people's heads.

Natalie Sideserf, who studied both art and worked at a local bakery, made her career takeoff when she entered her "Willie Nelson" cake into the Capital Confectioners’ Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition in 2013. Not only did she win multiple awards at the contest, but she also gained internet popularity when photos of her cake were shared online.

Willie Nelson CakeThe Awesome Daily

“I had this goal set in my mind to learn how to use these materials as if they were traditional art materials so I could use my artistic side to do some really extreme things, except that it's edible and it's cake," Natalie said in an interview.

While other artists have attempted edible cake artwork, none can compare with Natalie's creations.

“[My cake] went viral all over the world because nobody had seen anything like that," she said. "Now, they're everywhere. But nobody had attempted that level of realism back then."

When she married her now-husband David, Sideserf created an unconventional and gruesome cake for the ceremony. Natalie claims she and David are big fans of the horror genre, and she created a cake designed with their severed heads with the inscription "Til Death Do Us Part."

Warning: Some viewers may find the photos graphic.


But Natalie is just getting started. Check out the amazing photos of her cake art below:

Ray Benson's birthday cake! #raysbdaybash was a ton of fun #sxsw #sideserfcakestudio #cake

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Human heart wedding cake #sideserfcakes #sideserfcakestudio #gore #horror #cake #weddingcake

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We want to hear from you! Would you eat a cake that looks like a real human head or is it gross?