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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Throwing Away Your Banana Peels

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Bananas are very versatile, that's something we all know. You can eat them as a healthy snack, you can blend them into a smoothie, or even bake them into delicious bread, but as it turns out we've all been missing out on one of the fruit's most impressive qualities.

As it turns out, the part of the banana that we throw away is actually the most important and useful part of the entire fruit! That's right, the peel of a banana has many uses, and all this time you've been wasting it!

While you may not have thought that you could use the peel, it's proved itself to be a secret weapon for a lot of common issues. Check it out!

1. Polish Silverware

Banana peels contain a high level of potassium, especially along the inside of the peel. You can use it to polish silver items by blending a peel with half of a cup of water until it turns into a paste.

Rub the paste on your silverware, and when you rinse it off you'll see that it's shining bright.

2. Draw Out Splinters

Getting a splinter is not only painful, but it's very annoying. It might not hurt all that much, but it can get a little bit tricky to pull the splinter out even when you have tweezers.

When the splinter gets pushed in too far, a banana peel is actually a great trick. All you need to do is place the peel on the area where the splinter is and let it sit there for 15 minutes.

The enzymes in the peel help pull the foreign object to the surface of the skin, so you can easily grab it with your tweezers.

3. Ease Pain

If you have a sunburn, bug bites, or poison ivy, a banana peel is your secret weapon.  Studies have proven that there are actually anti-inflammatory properties inside the peel of a banana, so simply pressing it onto an itchy bug bite or your sunburn you will find that it with soothe the pain.

4. Treat Pimples

If you have any acne or pimples that are popping up on your skin, you can use a banana peel to make them go away!

All you need to do is massage the peel into the affected area for five minutes a day, and within a week you should see a clear improvement.

5. Polish Shoes

A banana peel's potassium levels won't only shine your silverware, it'll also polish your leather shoes!

Instead of buying leather polish, you just need to remove the strings from the peel and rub it into the leather. After it's significantly polished you can buff off any residue with a paper towel.

6. Keeps Meat Tender

Having your meat dry out is one of the most disappointing things, but by using a banana peel, your roast or chicken will stay juicy the entire time. It keeps the moisture locked into your food instead of vaporizing out into the oven.

7. Treat Migraines

A simple trick to help soothe your migraines is to freeze your banana peel for an hour. Take one of the frozen peels and place it along your forehead, and then drape another on the back of your neck.

The potassium in the peel will help ease the pain, aided by the cool temperature.

8. Whiten Teeth

Banana peels to whiten teeth

Potassium is very good at removing stains, so taking a peel and rubbing it on your teeth with actually help loosen up and remove the yellow stains left behind from coffee and tea.

Rub the peel on your teeth for two minutes daily after brushing, and it will get rid of any stains that your regular toothpaste can't handle.

9. Reduce Wrinkles

Obviously wrinkles aren't everyone's favorite thing, but the antioxidants and vitamins found in banana peels have been known to help reduce fine lines.

You've just got to rub a banana peel into your skin for a moment, and then let it rest for 30 minutes. Once done, wash your face and moisturize. The peel is almost like a mask that you can use a few times a week and you'll see that fine lines disappear.

10. Clean House Plants

Just like everything else in our houses, plants also end up covered in dust. While you obviously can't use chemicals on your plants, you can use a banana peel to get them looking like new.

Rubbing the peel on the leaves will leave them shiny and healthy looking!

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Will you start using your banana peels now?