Barber Gets Even With Boy Who Pranked Him

Jude Sannicandro/YouTube

As a hairstylist, you'll see hundreds of people walk into your beauty salon, but unfortunately, they won't all be customers of the year.

Sometimes clients looking for a fresh haircut can be a real handful, especially if they're children.

Take a boy named Vito from Florida. When he walked into a barbershop to get his hair trimmed, he decided to prank his hair dresser, Jude Sannicandro, by leaving a fake cockroach on his countertop.

Sannicandro ended up falling for the prank, and although he had a good sense of humor about it, he decided to give Vito a taste of his own medicine.

The Prank

With permission from Vito's parents, Sannicandro came up with a practical joke of his own, something the youngster won't forget anytime soon.

With props of fake blood and a latex ear, the barber pretended to slice the Vito's ear off.

Just before Sannicandro pulls off the gag, he warns Vito to "Be careful, this is a real sharp one, OK? Don’t move."

It wouldn't be long until a concerned Vito asks, "Am I bleeding?" and putting his acting chops to the test, Sannicandro told him, "maybe a little," while applying several tissues to the side of the young boy's head.

While Sannicandro originally told Vito he didn't "think it's that bad," once it started to gush with "blood," he remarked: "Oh my God dude, I think we need to call an ambulance."

Warning: although the blood is not real, this image may be disturbing to some viewers.

Even though Vito suggests a bandage could stop the bleeding, he's struck with panic after he sees his "ear" fall to the floor.

After letting the youngster believed he became mutilated, Sannicandro admits it was just a prank. Luckily, Vito took the trick pretty well.

Check out the video and see the practical joke unfold for yourself.

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