Barber's Hilarious Mistake Makes Man's Bad Haircut Go Viral


If you've ever had a bad haircut you know that the urge to run home without seeing anyone is overpowering. Our hair is central to our look, if that gets messed up everything is messed up.

So when a barber botched a man's haircut, that man probably wasn't happy that his picture was being shared across the country.

It all started in late December when a man in China, Tianxiu Bot, showed his barber a model who had the exact hair cut he was after. There was a problem though. Instead of taking a screenshot of the video the model was in, he just paused it.

If you've ever paused a video, you know that a "play" arrow usually pops up. Something like, say, this:

But the barber was told to make the haircut exactly like the one shown, so that's what he did. Giant white triangle included.

Thankfully, Bot has a great sense of humor and instead of doing what I would do (going home to cry) he shared his fresh do on social media.

His haircut may not get him any good attention, but his post sure did. It's been shared almost 80,000 times. People even started sharing their own haircut horror stories.

It's good that the story ended up with a happy ending, but hopefully Bot learned his lesson for next time!

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