Barry the Bicycle Riding Bedlington Terrier is Turning Some Heads

Barry the Bedlington terrier can't get enough of his ears flapping in the breeze.

Some dogs catch their thrills by chasing and fetching a ball, but as far as Barry is concerned the ultimate thrill is on 4 wheels, or three.

The 3-year-old pup started out playing on skateboards and loved being pushed by his owners Wayne Sowerby and Kate Hayllar.

"One day we had a skateboard out and he started playing with it. We were just playing and we put him on the skateboard and he loved it, so we started gently pushing him on it and it just went from there," said Wayne.

After spotting a trike while the family was playing outside, they wanted to see if Barry would sit on it.

"And when we moved away he just carried on sitting there and we thought 'What's going on here?'" Wayne wrote.

"He can hold his balance a lot better now, he doesn’t ever jump off he just enjoys sitting there and rolling on it for ages," said Wayne.

This tireless terrier gets some help with the steering of the the bike thanks to 2 lines of fishing wire.

What do you think of this pup's new life skill?

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