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Baseball Game Put On Hold Because Somebody's Cat Decided To Have A Home Run

How this stuff happens, I don't even know.

During major sporting events, a runaway often slips onto the field, and it's not always a naked man. Just a few weeks ago, officials had to pause the Miami Open because an iguana climbed onto the scoreboard and made a break for it across the court.

In Yokohama Station, Japan, another creature found itself in the open, and it wasn't a reptile this time. The Hanshin Tigers and Yokohama BayStars were in the middle of a Nippon Professional Baseball game when a cat bounded onto the diamond.


The cat, who invaded the game in the ninth inning, tore across the grass like a true hero. Its huge strides made onlookers think it had places to be. As it ran towards players, they shooed it away. After switching directions, the kitty ran in erratic zig-zags towards the sidelines and leaped into the crowd.

Apparently, cats sneaking into baseball games is pretty common. In mid-April, a cat escaped game officials' grasp and scaled the home run sculpture at a Miami Marlins game.

You'll never see a more majestic cat than this one. See the full video here:

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