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Beautiful Homemade Ornaments for Your Tree This Year!

With the big day approaching, getting the tree decorated is one of the top things to do. But why not this year, try decorating your tree with your very own homemade tree ornaments! These beautiful little wire stars are so pretty and cute, they deserve to shine.


  • soft colored wire
  • wire clippers
  • wood board
  • nails
  • hammer


  1. Draw the star you want to make out on a piece of paper.
  2. Take your piece of wood and tape your drawing to it. Make sure your board is bigger than the drawing.
  3. Hammer a nail into each point of your star. Then hammer in a 6th hole off to the side to use as an anchor when you start making your ornament.
  4. Take your wire, and anchor one end to the template by wrapping it around that 6th nail.
  5. Begin to create a star pattern by looping it around the nails in the same way that you drew the star.
  6. At the end, clip your wire and tuck the end into the ornament. Loosen the wire around the anchor nail and then slip off your ornament.
  7. Add a hook to your ornament, and pick the perfect spot on your tree for it to hang!