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Beauty Brands Don't Want You To Use Pepto-Bismol Like This

Victoria's Secret model, Devon Windsor, recently shared one of her beauty tips with followers on Snapchat and beauty brands are not happy.

She suggested that her go-to method for removing blackheads and reducing the size of pores actually comes from something you could find in your medicine cabinet; Pepto-Bismol.

Pepto contains a relative of salicylic acid called bismuth. It helps to mattify your skin by absorbing oils and can help to exfoliate dead skins cells.

It does contain blackhead-fighting ingredients, but like with all oil absorbing agents, should be used in moderation.

Some dermatologists suggest that there's no reason to use Pepto when there are beauty formulas specifically created to treat acne, blackheads and oily skin.

But many people still swear by it. It's cheaper than many of the beauty products on the market right now, and it's good in a pinch. Besides, how much do you actually use it for it's intended purpose?

What do you say? Think pink - or think again?