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Should Cancer Be The Price You Pay For Beauty?

Sarah Loves Makeup

If you've ever looked at the ingredients in your cosmetics, you might have shrugged, turned it over, and applied the beauty product to your face.

It's hard to imagine that there are dozens of toxic chemicals lurking in your beauty bag. Now you may be wondering, how can these chemicals be approved by the FDA?

According to Tina Sigurdson, a member of a nonprofit environmental research organization in Washington, D.C., beauty products are not approved before they hit the market. She also mentioned that the FDA does not have as much power as we think it does.

In Europe, more than a thousand scientifically-proven toxic ingredients have been banned from cosmetic products.

The problem is, none of these ingredients make any sense to us.

Although many conventional cosmetics contain small doses of these toxic ingredients, research has shown that the average woman uses 16 beauty products a day. As a result, these chemicals build up in the bloodstream.

What many woman are not aware of is how harmful these ingredients can be. Many are considered carcinogens, which means they can cause cancer.

Environmental activist David Suzuki made a "dirty dozen" list for cosmetic chemicals you should avoid:

  1. BHA and BHT
  2. Coal tar dyes
  3. DEA-related ingredients
  4. Dibutyl phthalate
  5. Formaldehyde-releasing perservatives
  6. Parabens
  7. Parfum (fragrance)
  8. PEG compounds
  9. Petrolatum
  10. Siloxanes
  11. Sodium laureth sulfate
  12. Triclosan

These names are a mouthful, but you're body will thank you for remembering and avoiding them.

Many woman are switching their chemical-laced cosmetic products for a more organic alternative. This trend is growing all across the world. Will you be part of it?

How many of these ingredients can you find in your beauty products?