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"Because I Love Him" - Dying 15-Year-Old Marries Her Sweetheart, Dies Just Days Later

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Call it life imitating art, in the saddest of ways. A terminal cancer patient fulfilled her dying wish to marry her boyfriend right before she passed away.

Lydia Dominguez was diagnosed with cancer just aged 15 and spent the next four years in and out of hospitals. Last year, her cancer spread from her kidneys to her intestines and lymph nodes, making her chances of a complete recovery even slimmer.

In the meantime, Lydia had made a new friend online. A boy two years older than her, named Josh Ordonez. They formed a tight bond which quickly turned romantic and in October 2017, they finally met for the first time.

It was around this time that doctors realized her cancer had spread to her lungs. Heartbroken but exhausted, Lydia decided to stop treatment so she could die in peace.

"We didn't focus too much on that," Josh says, "We focused on how we could make each other happy in the days that we had together."

The wedding was organized just four hours after he proposed. Nurses and family members helped decorate the venue on the 10th floor of the hospital with roses and signs. Lydia wore a beautiful white dress, with her red hospital socks and was walked down the aisle with both her parents holding her steady.

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