6 Unique Bedrooms Inspired By Facebook And Other Tech Brands

Even if you're not ready to fully accept it, you can't deny that digital technology plays a big part in our lives.

Technological innovations have already changed the way we communicate, work, shop, and play, but over the last few years, we've really started to make big strides towards "The Jetsons" era.

While we don't have flying cars just yet, home automation solutions have become very popular. Tech companies like Apple and Google are making it easier to enjoy the conveniences of a smart home with every new gadget they release.


But do you ever wonder what it'd be like to live a space that's been completely inspired by today's biggest brands and integrated with their best products?

Compare My Move, a comparison site specializing in removals, has done exactly that by creating six bedrooms inspired by some of the world's tech giants.

"We took influence from varying aspects of each brand such as; their head offices, colour schemes and the company itself, to design the ideal bedroom of that brand," Compare My Move tells Shared. "The bedrooms we designed are Apple, Snapchat, Google, Netflix, Facebook and Spotify. From the sleek, minimalism of the Apple room to the bright chaos-filled Snapchat room, these are truly unique."

Sure, these rooms won't be for everyone, but they're extremely creative and can inspire you to switch up your current decor.

Take a look:

1. Apple

Compare My Move

Just like the company and its easy-to-use products, this bedroom is perfect for those who enjoy open concept, minimalist interiors.

The color scheme, which is mostly silver and white, is clearly inspired by Apple products, while the large window and curved ceiling is a copy of Apple's head office in Cupertino, California. The wooden furniture and metal stool is reminiscent of the ones found in Apple stores around the world.

The tech devices in the room, including the HomePod, MacBook, and iMac, will help you keep entertained while making it easy to control how your space works, from the light switches to the security system.

2. Facebook

Compare My Move

The vibrant decor in the Facebook-inspired room is a departure from the muted tones that we saw in the first bedroom, which makes this one perfect for younger individuals or those who are young at heart.

The colors, lights and emoji details are all details taken from Facebook itself, but the furniture, signed wall, and layout resemble the company's head office.

According to Compare My Move, the youthful, relaxed style of the room is a "nod to Facebook's beginnings in a College dormitory."

3. Google

Compare My Move

Google's headquarters, also known as The Googleplex, are often regarded as the crí¨me de la crí¨me of tech company campuses.

What makes the Mountain View, California offices so special is their playfulness, and that's exactly what this bedroom offers. There's no way you'll ever be bored in this room.

You can enter the room through a slide, so for me, it's an automatic winner.

The room stands out by using the colors from Google's logo, blue, yellow and red, and adding fun elements like a Foosball table, a swinging chair, a nap pod, and a picnic table on fake grass.

4. Netflix

Compare My Move

Film buffs and lazy individuals will never be able to leave this chic Netflix-themed bedroom because it offers everything you'd need for a comfortable viewing experience.

In addition to the plush bed, chaise lounge, and giant bean bag chairs, the room red, black and white-hued room is equipped with a fridge that's stocked with drinks and snacks so you can munch while you marathon your favorite shows.

5. Snapchat

Compare My Move

If colorful and cute are things that come to mind when you think about your dream bedroom, then this Snapchat-themed bedroom with its bright yellow accent wall, hammock-style bed, and arched window will fit the bill.

If you're familiar with the app, you'll notice that the room's decor is heavily influenced by the filters. The full-size mirror and photobooth are all nods to the selfie culture that Snapchat has made so popular.

6. Spotify

Compare My Move

The Spotify-inspired room is a music lover's haven. The streaming service's signature green is interspersed with a black and white mural that serves as an accent wall.

The room is equipped with a danceflooe, bass guitar, amps, and a karaoke system that projects lyrics on the wall and flanked by large speakers on either side.

Which bedroom is your favorite? Let us know why in the comments!

[H/T: Compare My Move]

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