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Family Perfects The Art Of Christmas Cards, So You May As Well Stop Trying

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Does anyone else still get those yearly holiday cards from their relatives with the parents and children (and maybe pet) all nestled together looking happy and festive?

We all know that in reality they probably managed to snap a picture of the two seconds they weren't fighting, but the sentiment is nice, and it's a neat way to see how families grow throughout the years.

Mike and Laura Bergeron have taken this to a whole new level.

Their cards are hilarious, and it seems like they've been trying to outdo themselves for the past 14 years! What started as a funny joke has now become a tradition. Let's take a look at the beginning of their journey and see how far they've come!

What a fantastic way to start. "Forty & Fighting It" in 2003!

What a way to update the in-laws!

It's okay everyone, 2005 was a weird year all around.

That awkward, goofy love...2006 for the win.

For 2007, they went with a classic.

Check out more of their "peaceful greetings!"

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