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8 Halloween Pranks That Are Only Funny Because They Didn't Happen To You

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There's something about Halloween that sends a chill right down your spine. Maybe it's the days getting shorter, the cold winds that whistle through the night, or the fact that scary movies seem to be playing non-stop. Whatever it is, everyone seems to be on edge and that makes this the perfect time for scaring the be-jeezus out of them!

Check out these hilarious videos of scary pranks on unsuspecting victims, if you dare!

Elevator Scare Prank

For everyone out there who has been trapped inside an elevator before, you know how terrifying it can be just to be trapped in a small box. When you add a creepy ghost girl, the fear is real!

Real Ghost Attack

This guy is a professional prankster, and it goes to show what a little ingenuity can do to really make people run in terror. If this isn't the best use of a drone, I don't what is!

Skeleton Drive Through

It's not easy working the drive-through window, you never know who you're going to see roll by. I bet these folks weren't prepared for this realistic scare tactic!

Though, it's a shame that the skeleton had no body to drive with...

Zombie Infection

This is what happens when you are super dedicated to making people believe the zombie apocalypse has begun. Many of us would like to think we wouldn't fall for a lot of these, but after watching how these guys pulled it off, are we really so sure?

Home Alone With Chucky

What wouldn't we do for our mothers? Apparently convince them that a killer doll has trapped them inside the house is one of those things. It doesn't help that she managed to walk past 'Chucky' several times on camera before noticing. Creepy!

While anyone can don a mask and fake weapons, these next videos show what a professional prankster can really do!

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