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Betty White Dishes On How She Stays Happy And Healthy In Her 90s

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The original Golden Girl is still making us laugh as she prepares to turn 96, so it's worth examining what keeps her young at heart.


We often joke that something or someone is "older than sliced bread," but in Betty's case it's true. She's also older than the ATM, the traffic light, and Penicillin. But you could never guess from the way she manages to bounce around our TV screens.

Betty behind the scenes of Life With Elizabeth in 1954.NBC

Betty's career actually began back on radio, and her first starring role on a TV sitcom was in Life With Elizabeth in the 1950s. For more than 70 years, her roles on shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland have made America laugh.


In fact, Betty holds the Guinness World Record for the longest career by a female entertainer, and at the rate she's going nobody is going to beat that record any time soon.


But as she gets older, Betty is taking her age with her trademark humor. “My mom said to never lie about your age," she says, "because you'll forget what you told one person and get mixed up.” If you want to be as energetic and bright as Betty in your 90s, she's shared some tips that are pretty easy to follow.

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