'Bigfoot' Caught Lurking In The Trees As Hikers Approach

There are so many unanswered questions about Bigfoot that we are willing to take any information we can get on him.

Is Bigfoot a singular creature? Is it a species? If so, are they closer to apes or to humans?

Over the years we've had many claimed Bigfoot sightings, but nothing has actually been confirmed. Some clear, some not so clear. It's becoming harder and harder to believe in Bigfoot, but then something comes around and draws us right back in.

These hikers in Holland claim to have caught Bigfoot 'lurking' after them as they walked through the woods.

Lucas and Jeroen spotted a dark figure behind some trees and immediately started filming. The boys are clearly surprised and frightened. They can be heard on the video saying: "What is that, what the f*** is that?"

To make things even more suspicious, the sound of a gunshot sends the boys running. Take a look for yourself. Do you think this is Bigfoot?